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Artificial Hedges Concealment
Speaker Concealed in a Birch Tree
Plants Concealing Electronic Equipment

Our concealment and camouflage manufacturing techniques can render unsightly support beams, rooftop infrastructure, HVAC equipment and storage compartments all but invisible. Exposed generators, plumbing components, and security and sound equipment can ruin a building’s inventive interior and exterior design. International TreeScapes offers unique and proven solutions to concealment and camouflage through a wide variety of products that are stylistic and beautiful, but which do not hamper functionality or accessibility.

Examples of past camouflage projects include:

  • Rooftops of office buildings where our products camouflaged maintenance equipment for the benefit of neighboring properties
  • Exposed HVAC condensers and supply lines positioned between the front door and parking lot of office buildings have been camouflaged with boxwood hedges and artificial exterior trees
  • Pool equipment rooms at major resorts exposed to clientele have been covered in bamboo and matching botanicals

Camouflage Applications:

Speaker Concealed in a Birch Tree



International TreeScapes’ products can conceal, hold or raise audio speakers, improving line of sight and extending sound coverage. Our fabricated line of interior and exterior products are engineered to integrate an endless array of high-tech and electrical components and systems.


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Camouflage Security Camera in a Birch Tree



Many commercial locations require the use of security equipment for protection and surveillance, but fear the intrusive nature that common security measures like cameras and other equipment often brings. International TreeScapes’ products are the perfect solution for concealing security equipment such as cameras, infrared beams, and motion sensors, while creating a natural and welcoming ambiance.


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Cell Phone Towers Disguised as Trees 



When a building wants to create a rooftop oasis for its tenants or it requires a rooftop landscape design in order to shield neighbors and guests from unsightly views, International TreeScapes can create a beautiful landscape. Our Ultraviolet Inhibited exterior products are engineered to withstand Mother Nature’s harshest climates without ever requiring maintenance or exceeding weight load restrictions. We have concealed rooftops for hotels, casinos, residential towers and office buildings, camouflaging infrastructure as well as maintenance and cellular equipment.


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Column Concealment Fabricated Sugar Maple Tree in Library



Our unique ability to incorporate light fixtures within the structure of our creations makes our innovations ideal alternatives to harsh lighting and unattractive poles or other lighting equipment. With our capability to hang lighting and conceal wiring in our trees, we can help to enhance the atmosphere of a restaurant, hotel, or theme park.


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International TreeScapes’ Exterior Water Misting trees have become popular solutions for hotels, casinos and theme parks looking to cool patrons during the warm summer months. In addition to our integrated misting systems, we can conceal HVAC, air and water ducts, plumbing, beverage dispensers, and compressors to camouflage infrastructure and operational equipment.


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