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Artificial Trees

Artificial Banyan Tree
Artificial Olive Tree
Artificial Tropical Date Palm by TreeSCapes
Artificial Exterior Ficus Trees by TreeScapes

When selecting an artificial tree, one size (tree) does not fit all (environments).   The artificial tree industry has come a long way since the inception of the artificial Christmas tree over a century and a half ago.  Today, hundreds of species of artificial trees and plants are available for purchase; from colorful Wisteria and Cherry Blossoms Trees to the tropical Date Palms and majestic Oak Trees, all of which are available in different shapes, sizes, colors or foliage densities.

Artificial Trees vs. Live Trees

At TreeScapes, we love live trees. The environmental benefits of a live tree cannot be replaced nor debated.  However, living trees require suitable environments and costly maintenance and eventual replacement costs when placed in an indoor environment.

Our botanical beauties may look like the real thing, but they require no plant maintenance of any kind other than an occasional cleaning. In fact, our artificial trees are specifically designed to bring you years of lasting splendor, while freeing you from the cost and inconvenience of:

  • Watering, fertilizing, and clipping
  • Maintaining and controlling interior sunlight and temperatures
  • Treating for pests, root rot, and other botanical diseases

When it comes to indoor artificial trees, nobody does it better than TreeScapes. Our renowned Preserved Palms are astoundingly realistic because they’re crafted from real palm tree parts. By employing a proprietary process that ingeniously replaces water with organic preservative, we bring new life to the palm fronds and bark of every tree we build.

Meanwhile, our incredible catalogue of fabricated indoor artificial trees runs the full spectrum from realism to fantasy, including everything from expansive Sugar Maples, to magnificent Magnolias, to rustic Mediterranean Olive Trees.

What are Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) Trees?


The artificial tree and plant renaissance in America began in the 1920’s when speakeasies and nightclubs began to utilize artificial materials to replicate tropical products within their elaborate design themes.  From Hollywood, California to New York City, movie stars, and mobsters danced to large orchestras under the arching fronds of artificial palm trees.

In 1942, the industry came to an abrupt halt when the ‘synthetic palm tree decorations’ at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston, Massachusetts caught fire.  492 people were killed.  During the past 70 years, researchers and historians have identified dozens of safety violations that contributed to that fire.    However, it was a turning point in the artificial decoration industry, and manufactures were asked to begin using non-flammable materials. By the mid-1970’s, new fire safety regulations were implemented, preventing commercial properties from placing specific non-IFR decorative materials indoors.   In 1989, The Mirage Resort and Casino opened in Las Vegas, Nevada.   The Mirage featured TreeScapes’ brand new, proprietary, IFR, Preserved Palm Trees, and a new chapter in the indoor artificial tree industry began.  TreeScapes set a new standard for beauty and safety, both of which remain to this day.

Inherently Fire Retardant products utilize materials that have been engineered at the molecular level to imbed flame resistant properties.   IFR is a vast improvement over products that are topically treated with fire retardant chemicals.   Topical treatments will wash off and lose effectiveness over time.  Buyer beware, non-IFR, indoor artificial trees and plant products are available on the market today.  In addition, there are less than scrupulous companies, which purposely mislabel their product as IFR.   TreeScapes highly recommends that all designers, architects, managers and owners research their vendors and confirm the materials are IFR.

Exterior Artificial Trees


The TreeScapes collection of eye-catching outdoor artificial trees continues to set us apart as it consistently exceeds the industry standard for quality. With the help of our UV-inhibiting UltraLeaf-X foliage, fabricated outdoor artificial trees like our mystic Banyan, Phoenix Dactylifera Palm Tree and Mediterranean Olive stand up to just about any climate; effortlessly retaining their shapely beauty and natural colors in the face of:

  • Extreme temperatures,
  • Sunlight and humidity, and
  • The rigors of rain, wind, ice and snow

International TreeScapes – The Premier Manufacturer of Artificial Trees and Plants


TreeScapes remarkable line-up of award-winning artificial trees is the perfect way to embellish your commercial space, both inside and out. Visually arresting and believable in every way, these masterpieces of nature are custom formed to meet the demands of any décor, and are available in a wide range of hand-crafted concepts that includes:

  • Fabricated
  • Preserved
  • Replica

Cleverly constructed using molds from real trees, not only do our creations naturally enhance the ambience of any space they occupy, they’re ideal for concealing light fixtures or camouflaging columns and other unsightly building features. They also make highly effective screens for security cameras.

Our 70-foot high palm trees and 30-foot wide oaks and banyans are certainly impressive, but at TreeScapes, our artisans and engineers are constantly striving to infuse new excitement into our artificial trees. We’ve designed children’s tree houses, unique hand-carved Tikis, and even our own version of a cat tree – a whimsical combination of climbing tower and cat home in one. But that’s just the beginning of what we can do with the largest array of custom-made artificial trees on the market.

Our glorious indoor artificial trees grace the interiors of casinos, airports, hotels, and shopping centers around the globe, but are equally at home in your local school, library, or museum. Meanwhile, our outdoor artificial trees are ideal for lending rooftops, patios, and cafes that touch of life-like greenery, but they also introduce an element of fantasy into theme parks and cruise ships.

Whatever your decorating needs may be, the ideal setting and design for a TreeScapes custom creation is limited only by your imagination.

While artificial trees as convincing as these may actually tempt you to haul out the watering can, that’s one thing you’ll never have to do.

Specialized SmartTrees TM combine the best of our amazingly authentic indoor or outdoor artificial trees with some of the most modern technology available. SmartTrees TM allow you to:

  • display computer tablets,
  • integrate LED lighting, or
  • host radio equipment in a uniquely natural setting

At the same time, our indoor artificial trees have made it possible to engineer an entire line of unforgettably rustic, fabricated faux wood furniture like our Tree Stump Table. For nature-based furnishings that completely sidestep the problems of termites, wood rot, and weight load restrictions, you can choose from dozens of species of artificial trees, including our Dogwood, Cypress, and more.

At TreeScapes, we welcome your ideas and fully encourage you to let your imagination run wild. Whatever your inspiration may be, our artificial trees are the natural vehicle for bringing your dreams to life.

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