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Artificial Palm Trees

Preserved Coconut Palm Trees at Margaritaville, Florida manufactured by International TreeScapes
Artificial Coconut Palm Trees by International TreeScapes
Artificial Washingtonia Robusta Fan Palm Trees by TreeScapes
Artificial Tropical Date Palm by TreeSCapes

Artificial palm trees are, like all palm trees, an iconic symbol of tropical elegance and idyllic leisure. Around the world, dreams of outstretched palms framing white sandy beaches, a crystal blue ocean, or an orange sunset, have come to represent the perfect vacation.


Architects and designers of the world’s premier hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, cruise ships and shopping centers often incorporate the majestic beauty of a palm tree into their designs, in order to capture the tropical tranquility that these tree embody. However, live palm trees set in non-ideal locations, can present numerous challenges for commercial properties, often resulting in high-maintenance costs followed by a premature death of the specimen.

International TreesScapes’ interior and exterior artificial palm trees offer a formidable solution to combat the challenges of maintaining live products while upholding the grandeur of the Palm Tree.

TreeScapes’ museum-quality reproduction artificial Palm Trees never require:


    • Sunlight or water,
    • Soil or fertilizer,
    • Pesticides or herbicides, or
    • Trimming or Pruning of any kind

Interior Artificial Palm Trees


Although live palm trees may succeed indoors, they do require a significant amount of bright light and should be placed near windows or under skylights. Artificial Palm Trees are ideal for interior environments where direct or indirect light is not available. In addition, healthy live interior palm trees will eventually grow out of their space – eventually colliding with the ceiling. Unfortunately, if they are not growing – then they are dying. TreeScapes’ artificial trees are manufactured to the exact specifications of the client and will neither grow nor die.

Our groundbreaking construction of Preserved Palm Trees, the product that originally launched the TreeScapes moniker, continues to set the high water mark nearly three decades after its introduction. The preserved artificial palm trees from TreeScapes look real because they are real! We source live, nursery-based palm trees and harvest their palm fronds and tree bark without harming the original plants. Then we treat these natural tree components with our specialized preservation process until they’re ready to be transformed into stunningly natural accents, backdrops, and showpieces.

What makes our artificial trees so convincing? It begins with our proprietary preservation technique, and the fact that our high quality preservative is:

    • Non-Toxic,
    • Non-Hazardous, and
    • Fire Retardant

These qualities assure that the structure, texture, and natural color of the palm fronds and palm tree bark we work with are always perfectly preserved.

TreeScapes’ in-house botanical artisans achieve results so amazingly life-like; you’ll be hard-pressed to believe these masterpieces are artificial. Palm trees like the magnificent Washingtonia Robusta (Mexican Fan Palm) and the exquisite Coconut Palm are custom-made to deliver you the size, shape, style and density that your commercial design demands.

Exterior Artificial Palm Trees


TreeScapes’ uses lightweight, durable materials and engineers our products from the ground up to ensure that all of our artificial trees are safe, and meet weight load and wind shear requirements. Enhanced by our ultraviolet ray inhibiting UltraLeaf-X foliage, our exterior artificial palm trees have been specifically constructed to withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them. Works of art like our Sago Palm Tree and the Phoenix Roebelenii Palm will lend effortless sophistication and privacy to any outdoor locale for 15 years and more, while consistently standing up to the rigors of:

    • Sunlight and humidity,
    • Snow, ice, rain, and wind, and
    • Extreme and fluctuating temperatures

That’s right; our fabricated reproductions are just as ideal for pool sides and rooftops as they are for the indoor. But that’s just one reason why TreeScapes’ artificial palm trees are some of the most authentic and resilient fake palm trees on the market today. Fabricated from globally-sourced molds of real tree species, our artificial trees are not only botanically accurate, they’re also carefully designed and engineered for the long haul.

The trunks of our exterior palms are inherently fire retardant, and with their natural resistance to disease and root rot, we think these so-called fake palm trees serve as an all-around superior alternative to their natural counterparts.

Fabricated Queen Palm Tree by International TreeScapes
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Some Call It Miraculous


At TreeScapes, we’re turning the improbable into the possible, and the possible is truly limitless when you go artificial. Palm trees create an ambience that brings a space to life, and our custom reproductions have been created to do just that.

The artificial Phoenix Dactylifera is often selected by designers for its might, size and unwavering vertical stature. These imposing trees, with their intricate bark patterns, often stand as sentinels at entryways and as unique pillars along walkways.

Our artificial Natural Bark Date Palms are known for their strong vertical forms and graceful arching foliage. They work well around entrances to buildings, and are often grouped together to create picturesque areas.

Natural beauties like our Kentia Palm Trees remain brilliant, year after beautiful year, giving no indication whatsoever that they’re, alluringly fake. Palm trees crafted by TreeScapes are truly museum quality, adding style and pizzazz to any setting without the need for typical tree maintenance.

The beautiful, intricately wrought artificial trees from TreeScapes will bring you years of glorious peace of mind, as they retain their magnificent shape and color under even the harshest conditions. Whether it’s a single, dazzling, frond-waving Elegans Palm, or a delicately crafted Mini Fan Palm, TreeScapes’ artificial palm trees bring the rain forests of the world to your door, and beyond.

Indoors or out, we’ll bet you’ve never seen fake palm trees like these.

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