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Artificial Bamboo

24' Fabricated Green Bamboo at Hilton Hotel in Charlotte
Artificial Green Bamboo By International TreeScapes

TreeScapes and PlantWorks offer non-toxic artificial bamboo trees for indoor and outdoor use. “Strikingly exotic” are the words that generally come to mind when someone catches a glimpse of our artificial bamboo plants for the first time. Our uniquely realistic botanical reproductions are renowned for their simplicity of style, and their awe-inspiring resemblance to the real thing.

Artificial plants & trees of all types offer enormous advantages over live vegetation when it comes to decorating a public space. Artificial bamboo products like our Black, Golden, and Green replica and fabricated plants are so amazingly versatile, they bring out the best in any commercial setting.

Whether you want to divide a room in your restaurant, brighten that hotel lobby wall, or beautify the lounge of a hospital or airport, you need look no further than the artificial bamboo options from TreeScapes. You can choose from:

  • Natural or fabricated bamboo cane
  • Multiple cane colors
  • Oriental or Weeping style foliage
  • Ultraviolet Inhibiting (UVI) exterior foliage of Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) interior foliage
  • Foam or steel based mounting

With the widest selection of artificial bamboo in the industry, TreeScapes’ hand-built line of horticultural reproductions can be customized to meet any landscaping design.

Why choose artificial? Plants & trees used for décor purposes are well-known for the incomparable way they revitalize a room, and infuse a space with life and color…but live plants have their downside. They require extensive maintenance, contribute to allergies, attract rot and disease, and often, despite best efforts, end up dying and having to be replaced at great cost.

With TreeScapes, whether you choose from our matchless indoor replicas or our stunning collection of artificial outdoor plants, you eliminate the need for:

  • Planting, watering, treating, and trimming
  • Cleaning up spilled water and soil
  • Raking, fertilizing, and clearing away dead leaves and branches
  • Maintaining strict temperature and humidity controls

Enhancing your commercial space with our maintenance-free, year-round artificial bamboo plants means you can use them wherever you need to – from the shadiest corner to that fully-exposed courtyard. Our non-toxic artificial bamboo trees are handmade in the United States and they exceed all environmental testing requirements. This means that they’re safe for you to display, inside and out!

From bushy, single-stalk groves to all-natural multi-trunk designs, TreeScapes creations bring a whole new meaning to the word artificial. Outdoor plants are carefully fabricated using our proprietary organic polymer, to help retain that all-natural look and feel. Multiple base diameter sizes and the ability to exceed heights of 40 feet make our fabricated Black, Golden, and Green bamboo masterpieces an impressive feature for indoor and outdoor settings alike.

When used inside, these pieces can be ingeniously hybridized with natural cane to further enhance their realistic quality. These non-toxic artificial bamboo trees create an incredible display, and can increase feelings of peace and happiness. For outdoor use, our own UltraLeaf-X foliage ensures resistance to damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and guarantees that our artificial outdoor plants will provide years of lasting quality.

For dressing up and bringing some contemporary tropical ambience to your indoor environment, why not consider TreeScapes’ museum-quality replica Bamboo Palms and Wild Bamboo plants? Like many of our artificial plants & trees, our replica bamboo options are available in a range of colors that will enrich any décor style. They’re also:

  • Lightweight enough to use safely in weight load restricted areas,
  • Designed in a cluster of organic, all-natural canes,
  • Crafted from a unique blend of bamboo and palm (Replica Bamboo Palm), or bamboo and wild vine (Replica Wild Bamboo)

Our standard interior Black, Golden, and Green replica bamboo is also in a class by itself. After being stained to perfectly replicate the colors of nature, the organic cane used in these artificial bamboo showpieces reaches heights of up to 24 feet. Working with your specific commercial design needs in mind, TreeScapes bamboo reproductions can be created in multiple-cane groves or distinctive configurations of single-cane elegance.

There are no rules when it comes to embellishing your indoor or outdoor commercial landscape with the natural splendor of bamboo. Whether you go heavy on the foliage, choose a single, timeless plant, or accent a space with just the canes alone, the life-like artificial plants & trees from TreeScapes are sure to make a lasting impression.

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