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Artificial Plant Arrangements at John Wayne Airport
Artificial Plants and Trees at John Wayne Airport
Custom Plants and Trees for Airport Interiors
Preserved Palm Trees at Dubai Airport

Our trees are a worldwide favorite for airport interior design, International TreeScapes can help bring a taste of the indigenous horticulture to travelers and vacationers alike, allowing for an accurate and inviting first impression.


Whether an airport is looking to line its terminals with towering palms created with 100% recycled plant material and fronds that have been “immortalized” through our fully organic, non­toxic preservation treatment, or if they wish to beautify large support columns with our world­famous, bark column wraps, we will help bring the region’s native elements to the airport’s design while eliminating nearly all maintenance associated with live trees and plants.

As airport interior designers continue to place emphasis on environmental consciousness, often our inherently fire retardant products which require no watering or pesticides are incorporated into a design as an environmentally friendly but aesthetically pleasing way to create “natural” pathways for the direction of high traffic crowd flow.


Airports act as gateways to new, exciting places and often provide the first impression of a city upon its visitors. An airport tells a city’s story – what do you want yours to be? Browse our projects to see examples of artificial, replica, and preserved trees for airport interior design. Column concealment products can also improve the look and feel of any airport design.


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