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Inspired by our extraordinary line of hand-crafted products, proprietary processes, innovation and unwavering commitment to outstanding service, our talented team of professionals welcomes the opportunity to create Preserved, Fabricated and Replica trees and plants for you and your customers.

Our designs and construction capabilities span the wide spectrum between realism and fantasy. We can create treescapes and plantscapes that will transport you to a formal garden, tropical oasis, rain forest, winter wonderland, desert ecosystem, or untamed wilderness to name but a few,asour only limitation is your imagination.
Our efforts to expand our global reach were bolstered by the acquisition of the assets of Preserved Treescapes International, an industry icon for nearly 25 years, boasting accolades that included more than 20,000 successful and award-winning customer projects and installations. The merger of the artisans from this historically rich manufacturer with our dedication to exceptional quality ensures fulfillment of our primary objective: to forge and cultivate long-term, mutually rewarding, customer relationships.

We are very proud of the fact that our customers include some of the largest and most prestigious companies and venues in the world. We have designed and developed our realistic, efficient and strikingly beautiful products to meet the rigorous demands of our world-class clientele.

We look forward with great enthusiasm to continuing to lead the industry by forging partnerships which bond our remarkable products with our extensive network of gifted architects, designers, developers, general contractors, landscapers, tower specialists, hospitality professionals, but most importantly, with you.

Our Products

Our quality-crafted trees and plants are not only “organic” in design, they provide tremendous economic and environmental benefits. Our customers need not worry about the expensive, time-consuming and logistically burdensome issues routinely encountered with living trees and plants. Our stellar line of products protects our customers from the exasperation of contending with horticultural maintenance concerns, annual replacement of short-lived botanicals, climate control limitations, fertilization requirements, irrigation needs, drainage problems, root/branch growth, load-bearing considerations, the use of pesticides, or the realities of dealing with living organisms botanically incapable of surviving in the intended environment or location.
Preserved Trees and Plants - We have developed a proprietary preservation system that is completely organic and inherently fire retardant (“IFR”). Our preserved trees and plants are made from living tree and plant material; they always look “alive” because they were alive until the moment in time when they were horticulturally immortalized.

Fabricated Trees and Plants – Our experienced and talented artisans can fulfill any design requirement that may arise. We can customize trees and plants to meet height, width, color and density specifications, all without compromising quality or the realistic finished product which has been our team’s hallmark for nearly a quarter century.

Replica Trees and Commercial “Silk” Plants – Our replica trees are constructed using real tree trunks to which we attach commercial grade, man-made, branches and leaves. Replica plants, often referred to as “silk plants” (though it is rare to find any manufacturer who still makes commercial silk based products), are fabricated from materials so life-like that you may not realize that they are replicas even after touching them.
TropEx® Exterior Trees and Plants - Our TropEx line of UV resistant trees and plants are designed to withstand the elements, making these unique products the perfect solution for most exterior environments. Each TropEx product is crafted to meet our exacting aesthetic and performance standards.

Custom Concealment Products - Our “concealment” trees and plants look so real that most cannot be identified as a fabricated product even when placed next to live foliage. Our concealment products are simply second to none. Whether your need is to hide interior building columns, solar poles, security cameras, lighting, sound systems, water misters, or other components, we strive to meet and exceed our customer’s vision by crafting trees and plants which are functional tools that simultaneously enhance the appearance of the environs in which they are placed.

Cellular Tower Concealment Trees – Few companies on earth have designed, constructed and installed more cellular tower concealment trees than our team has over the past quarter century. We have built our realistic trees to wrap around some of the most complex cellular structures ever designed. Our Palm, Italian Cypress, Oak and Mono-Pines, many of which have exceeded 100 feet in height, are so well made that after more than a dozen years of being exposed to the ravages of the elements, few have been in need of replacement or service. The rugged durability and exacting construction standards which we employ in creating our products translates to massive cost savings that will fall directly to your bottom line.

Commercial “Silk” Plant and Tree Applications and Fire Retardant Materials - As the manufacturer and distributor of superior, inherently fire retardant, commercial “silk” plant and tree material, we provide a stark contrast to the consumer-oriented, low quality, artificial products often advertised and even misrepresented on websites. It is important to note that many local, state, federal and international laws prohibit the use of products that do not meet strict fire retardant material regulations in commercial settings.



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Our entire line of commercial grade Preserved, Replica, Fabricated and Tropex Exterior Trees, plants and foliage are adept at serving the dual purpose of beauty and cost-effectiveness.  From Palms to Pines, we have the capability to manufacture any type of tree or plant material. We have no minimum and International Treescapes has the flexibility to modify our standard menu of plants and trees to fit your specific needs. So, as you can see, International Treescapes has no limitations when it comes to fulfilling a design concept or helping to create one. If you can dream it… we can create it for you.

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